1:1 Coaching

“it takes courage to grow up and turn into who you really are.” -e.e.cummings

Are you ready to:

  • Design your life around a values-centered mission?
  • Propel yourself towards a life you love?
  • Identify and overcome obstacles that are standing in your way?
  • Create structures and accountabilities so you can address distractions and stay focused on your goals?

It’ll be some work, but its absolutely doable, and I can help you get there.


Each package features biweekly coaching sessions with customized exercises and homework to help you shape the best path to your best self and keep you focused along the way. Biweekly coaching sessions are 50-55 mintes long, except for Emergency Sessions which are 30 minute laser sessions where we focus on a particular issue that may arise.   All packages also include email check-ins and feedback between sessions. 

Ready to Start Your Coaching Journey?

Get started by letting us know which package you are interested in and we will be in touch shortly. Not sure which package is right for you? Select ‘Complimentary Discovery Call’ and we can spend 30 minutes together to determine if coaching is right for you. 

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