What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership that is driven by YOU — the client. Coaching helps you dig deep so you can know where you want to go and shape the path that leads you to the best version of yourself.

I called my practice “Vista Coaching,” because coaching helps you think expansively and find a landscape that represents the best version of you.

Coaching is not just about discovery. Its also about action. Coaching is a partnership between you, the client and me, the coach, to help you produce fulfilling results in your personal and professional lives.

You’ll benefit from working with me if:

  • You’ve ever thought “I have so much MORE to offer, but I don’t know what it is or how to do it?”
  • The timing never feels quite right to make that big change you’ve been dreaming of.
  • You are looking for a meaningful way to balance the demands of family, work, and personal interests.
  • You have a big dream you want to accomplish and need some support along the way
  • You’d like to redefine yourself in some big way


Here’s what you’ll get from working with me:

  • clarity about their own values and mission
  • focus on what is right for you
  • tools and resources to shape the path
  • identifying and removing obstacles to achieving your goals
  • Accountability and support as you reach your goals
  • Results!!

Let’s take this vista analogy even further.

Imagine you’re on a hike. You’ve always heard the view from Sunset Mountain is stunning and you set out on the summit trail.

You find it is strewn with debris from a recent storm, blocking your way. As your coach, I’m the person walking beside you helps you discover whether you want to wait it out, clear the debris from the path, find another path to the peak, or decide if you want to find another peak to climb . I help you determine the best action to take and make sure you have the right boots, pack and snacks to get you there feeling strong and successful. Then, I accompany you on the hike to help carry your pack when it gets heavy and take the right turns along the way.

I’m not that consultant you talked to at the hiking store, who had all sorts of expertise. She gave you advice, told you about what others found was the best day to go and then sent you on your way.

And, I’m not the therapist you helped you realize that all the understand what in your past prevents you from hiking or why you might want to turn around now that the path is blocked.

Want to know more? I offer 1:1 coaching and group coaching to support you in this process.

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Let me guide you as you find and reach your vista.

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