Coaching is about forward action, and my clients get the support they need to achieve results. Here’s what they say:

After a year of running on empty, I was emotionally drained and felt like I would never be my energetic, happy self again. I felt unfocused and adrift. I was a little hesitant to start working with a coach, but a friend suggested Lisa might be a good fit for me. Over the course of several months, Lisa’s approach helped me prioritize areas to focus on, AND helped me make a plan in those areas. She is tough and kind, which was a very effective combination for me. She has a beautifully direct and supportive manner. After 6 months, I feel like myself again and still have Lisa’s voice in my ear on a daily basis. Lisa would say I did all the work, but I know that I wouldn’t feel as focused and “on-track” as I do today without her. ~D.K.

Portland, OR

Lisa has enabled me to re-frame my perspective and shift my feelings from overwhelm to manageable, to doable and finally to done! From taking the over out of whelm, to looking at my schedule not as a must do list, but a menu of options as well as role playing scenarios of upcoming difficult situations. These have all helped me in prioritizing my tasks and weeding out the things that may not be serving me right now. ~A.M.

Detroit, MI

Are you ready to take the next step?

From the moment I began working with Lisa, I knew that this time it was going to be different – this time, I would see results. And I already have. With her clarity, her insight, and her ability to ask the perfect questions at the perfect moment, she is able to help you laser focus on your goals. I already see the places in various spheres of my life where I’ve leveled up, and am looking forward to my own continued upwards progress. Working with Lisa is a continual process of feeling like an empowered rockstar. You couldn’t ask for a better coach.


Seattle, WA

I reached out to Lisa when I was struggling to find clarity on how to move forward in one particular area in my life.  During our first meeting she asked me some very thoughtful questions and then listened intently as I shared a vision for my future as well as articulated ideas that weren’t perfectly formed in my mind but I felt were important to help paint the picture.  Since then we have met every few weeks and she has been instrumental in keeping me focused and accountable to what I hold dearest in my heart.  Because of her coaching and support, I am making huge strides toward realizing my goals and I’ve never been more excited for my future.  I highly recommend Lisa for anyone who is serious about finding a coach who truly cares about you living your best life and has the tools to help get you there. ~M.B.

Seattle, WA

Lisa was extremely supportive to me as I developed a new venture [in the non-profit world]. She learned the subject matter quickly; asked the right questions and reflected back thoughtfully on the answers I offered, always contributing new perspectives. We used role play and rehearsal for important meetings and presentations, both to hone my messages and to increase my confidence. She injected notes of realism when appropriate, but also encouraged me to be visionary about the future potential of my project. I highly recommend Lisa’s intelligence, sensitivity and coaching skills. ~J.H.

Chicago, IL

When I made the decision to hire a life coach, I looked and met with several different people. The moment I met Lisa, I knew she was meant for me. I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck, confused and didn’t know how to move forward. She not only gave me the tools to manage all the things going on in my life but she also held me accountable and really supported me in reaching my goals in the time I spent with her. She was there for me whenever I needed her and I always walked away from a meeting with her feeling empowered. Hiring her was one of the best things I’ve done for myself so if you’re looking for some guidance or clarity in your life, hire Lisa. She’s amazing and I’ve never been in a better place than I am right now. I always had it in me but she showed me the way and I’m forever thankful. ~S.T.

Seattle, WA